REDCap administration

Recommended procedures for administration:

The PAT may be administered via tablet, laptop or desktop in REDCap. The PAT should only be administered in REDCap for research and quality improvement purposes. The user is responsible for ensuring capability within the institution to use REDCap and acquiring the appropriate privileges within their own institution. 


Scoring & interpreting results:

REDCap will not automatically score the PAT, unless the user (or institution) has the resources to develop a scoring program within REDCap. The user is responsible for scoring the PAT, an Excel scoring program will be provided by our team. 


Communicating results:

Users will have the ability to develop specific reports that will support the team in communicating results at the item-level of the PAT to the family. Our team can provide examples of reports previously developed by us and other users in REDCap.  It is recommended that each site have a procedure in place for communicating the PAT results with the family.


Data reporting

Each user is required to submit a quarterly aggregate data report to the Center for Pediatric Traumatic Stress.


Supports provided:

Our team can support the implementation of the PAT in REDCap by providing the requesting user with a REDCap data dictionary, support in development of the instrument, and development of reports. Each user is required to provide the PAT coordinator with limited access to the REDCap database at the requesting institution to ensure fidelity of the PAT.