The PAT can be administered in three formats: Paper & Pencil administration; Web-based administration, for sites who intend to use the PAT for clinical purposes; and REDCap, research use only. Each type of administration has specific recommendations of administration, scoring, interpreting of results, and communicating results. Click on any of the administration types below to view specific uses and administrations for the PAT.

Paper & Pencil administration

Web-based administration

REDCap administration

The PAT is available for use in the US in English and Spanish. The PAT has a yearly licensing fee of $350. While the PAT has been extensively studied and validated for use with pediatric cancer patients and their caregivers, we have created a “generic” version of the PAT that can be used with other pediatric illness populations. Among the other pediatric samples, the PAT has been validated for use with kidney transplant, sickle cell disease, inflammatory bowel disorder and neonatal intensive care (NICU). Currently there are approximately 92 sites in 33 states across the U.S. with 134 users and 30 international sites using the PAT. Scoring and intervention data from the PAT have been collected on over 12,100 US families (updated February 2018). Please click the button below for a detailed summary of PAT use.



If you are interested in implementing the PAT at your site, the first step is to complete a user agreement, please click on the appropriate (domestic or international use) button below: 


If you are interested possibly adapting or translating the PAT please click on the appropriate button below to learn more information about the adaptation and/or translation process: