Web-based administration

Recommended procedures for administration:

The PAT web-based is currently available for the general version of the PAT. The general PAT was modified taking into consideration multiple illness / injury groups. The PAT web-based is available in English and Spanish and may be administered via tablet, laptop or desktop.  


Scoring & interpreting results:

The PAT web-based automatically generates the PAT score including the overall risk level as well as the score for each sub-scale. 


Communicating results:

Having the ability to immediately communicate the results of the PAT to ensure family-centered care was key in the development of the web-based program. The PAT web-based automatically generates a Descriptive Report, Red Flags (high risk items) Report, and a Trauma Report when the caregiver completes the PAT.


Data reporting

Each user is required to submit a quarterly aggregate data report to us. The PAT-web-based will store your sites' data (there is no identifiable information entered or stored in the web-based tool / server) and tally the quarterly report for you. The user is responsible to submit this report to us.